Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera System

What are the Features and Specifications of the Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera System?

Arlo Pro is the world’s first weatherproof, wifi-free, rechargeable HD smart technology security camera which has a two-way audio system and free cloud storage.  The camera system lets you watch over the things you love from a 130-degree wide angle lens all day and night. Whether you want to make sure that your kids and loved ones are safe or keep an eye on the mischief your furry pals, Arlo Pro is always there to catch those moments.

The captured video is about 1080p resolution, and you can zoom in for greater details. The camera has an advanced motion detection technology even during night time, and it is equipped to capture every movement with such clarity. The built-in speaker and microphone on the device allow you to communicate both ways and thus to allow you to hear everything that is going on in and around your environment.,

Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera System

Features of Arlo Pro Camera system:

  • 100% Wi-Fi- Free: You can place the device anywhere you want, and you do not have to worry about the wiring hassles or placing the cords in the right position.
  • Rechargeable batteries: The long-lasting rechargeable batteries can be kept fully charged with only a few days of full sunlight and thus providing uninterrupted security.
  • 2-Way audio: You can listen and talk at the same time as the camera has a built-in camera and mic. This audio feature lets you hear everything, from the delivery man to your kids or pets playing; it makes your life so much easier.
  • Free Cloud Storage: You can store seven days of motion and audio triggered recordings for free in the Cloud Storage. You can also upgrade to CVR to have nonstop recordings stored in the cloud. You are also provided with local backup storage where you can connect a USB drive for optional local storage.
  • Smart Siren: Now you can stop crime by setting off the alarm with motion and audio sensors. The device has a 100+ decibel siren, and it can be controlled remotely.
  • HD quality Video: The videos that capture have brilliant quality, you can either watch it live stream or record it and watch it later.

Camera Specifications:

The camera is configurable to about 1280 x 720 resolutions, and it has an H.264 video format. It has a Full color, CMOS, Auto-adaptive white/black balance and exposure imaging and the motion detection feature has an excellent adjustable sensitivity. You can also send email alerts and push notification if there is any motion or sound detected.

The video has a great quality, and it has 8x digital zoom and digital pan. The camera has a 2440mAh Li-ion rechargeable and a 120V AC power adapter.

Base Station Specifications:

It has a fast Ethernet interface port and two USB ports. The device has DHCP configurations with 900 MHz ARM processor, 128 MB Flash, 128 MB RAM and an internal antenna.