VCs are hungry for Instacart, big money for bicycles and a multitude of enterprise IPOs

VCs tend to be hungry for Instacart, big bucks for bikes and a slew of enterprise IPOs

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This week was a damn corker. Instacart is fighting right back! Zuora went general public also it moved really! There have been various other IPOs! Uber loves bicycles! And what’s #AllRaise? We cheerfully had a staff on hand to search through the combine, including Katie Roof, myself, and Kara Nortman, an over-all companion at Upfront Ventures.

Up top we dug into the huge new Instacart round, the completion of their Series E. The brand new $150 million brings Instacart’s valuation to an astonishing $4.35 billion, up from $4.2 billion when it shut 1st $200 million of the newest round of money. It’s an unbelievable bet from exclusive markets, and now we dug engrossed as a possible anti-Amazon wager.

Moving along, it was an IPO run for ages:

Moving along, we wandered back into the hottest area of Silicon Valley conversation: bicycles scooters. The JUMP-Uber offer finally wrappednot surprisingly — and we talked about the finer things of exactly what a scooter is and how they can fit into our resides.

We covered on #AllRaise together with fact that Kara may or might not have been on address of a magazine.

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Posted at Fri, 13 Apr 2018 13:01:11 +0000