Twitter brings animation resources to its Quill VR painting app

Facebook brings cartoon tools to its Quill VR artwork app

After having announced a year ago the app would get no future revisions, Facebook is delivering a big revision to its VR painting tool Quill.

The upgrade expands on Quill’s preliminary promise, growing it from becoming a platform for designing fixed views to at least one that will handle powerful animated ones. The latest revisions adds the ability for musicians to create and modify frame-by-frame animations inside VR, plus the capacity to duplicate and repose designs in a fashion that allows the beautiful creations of Quill to come quickly to life.

Quill has a very unique visual design that does not succeed a perfect fit for every usage instance, but there is some thing really charming in regards to the method the product now takes an old-timey animation style and pairs it with wispy 3D designs.

The product was one built internally at Oculus tale Studios since they truly required something like it and it also didn’t occur yet. Whenever tale Studio shut down this past year, the fate of software ended up being thrown into question with Oculus particularly saying your app wouldn’t be getting any more updates.

“These resources open the doorway for another form of storytelling, with VR figures just who move and perform in moments and environments that are much more alive than ever before,” a Twitter post reads. “Inspired because of the early hand-drawn cartoon for the 1920’s, but driven up with today’s technology and local VR workflows, Quill animation brings a degree of freedom to performers in this quickly growing medium.”

And today’s up-date, Facebook has detailed that they’re looking to drive further upgrades into app’s functionality as time goes on as they aim to explore ways to get the animated graphics facing more and more people in VR through experiences like its areas personal VR application.

Quill can be obtained for download here.

Published at Thu, 08 Feb 2018 18:01:22 +0000