Sonos Playbase Review

The Sonos Playbase takes over the audio duties of your flat screen television, and it is one of the hottest soundbars which will provide you a brilliant streamlined experience and an excellent sound quality. The Sonos Playbase delivers the same effect as the home theatre, and it is perfectly designed to fit your flat screen and television stand.


Design and features:

The Playbase is designed to bear the weight of the television. The device is flat and yet elegant; it looks as if the manufacturer cut it from a piece of granite. The body of Playbase is made up of glass-filled polycarbonate, and it is available in white and black colours.

The appearance of the sound system looks more like a stone or a stand which supports your flat screen. On the inside you will be able to find three tweeters, six mid-range drivers and one subwoofer, with 10 Class D digital amplifiers to power them. There are Ethernet ports and optical inputs for connections.  One of the primary functions of the Sonos Playbase is to support and hold your TV.


The quality of the sound is brilliant, and it is quite hard to believe that there is no other speaker in the room. The Playbase may look very flat but the sound from the speakers is enormous, and the audio is very transparent. The Playbase has EQ settings which you can reset if you want to enhance the base, but the standard settings are just fine. The audio is seamless and precise in ways that evade other sound bars and bases. The tonal balance is brilliant, and it has an impressive sound which does not favour any part of the frequency range.


The device has a simple setup. You have the iOS Sonos app then it walks you through everything you need, the Sonos Playbase also supports Android applications. All you have to do is to follow the directions the app gives you and deal with some buttons on the device. The application automatically scans any nearby speakers and connects it to your WiFi network. Make sure that you have unfettered access to bare walls to give the broad sound field. So you must not place the device in a cabinet as the sound can be hemmed.


It is a brilliant one speaker device for your living room, and it provides you with the same experience a home theatre would do. The dialogues from the movies are very clear, and it has an excellent music performance. The considering its feature set, build and sound quality the price range is very reasonable, and the simple and automatic feature of the Playbase makes it one of the best alternatives for your stereos.