Samsung enters electronic whiteboards with all the $2700 Flip

Samsung enters electronic whiteboards because of the $2700 Flip

Digital whiteboards are a curiously preferred task for huge companies to engage with recently. It’s one of those things companies build because they can – because they’ve already identified all tech involved with their other projects. Google has the Jamboard. Microsoft has got the Exterior Hub. And today, Samsung has the Flip.

Details are still light, nevertheless the company dropped word of the Flip into its hit summit at CES.

If you’re unfamiliar with the thought of a digital whiteboard, believe “TV you can use a stylus to attract on”. They’re designed more the office meeting area, and less for the living room.

Samsung’s entry packs a sort of neat NFC technique: touch a phone (apparently Samsung just) toward base for the display, and it’ll immediately start mirroring the telephone without any cables. Its a-two way connection, enabling you to touch the whiteboard display to manage your phone. I’m uncertain just how getting up and tapping your phone toward display is a lot easier than tapping a button on your own phone it self, however it’s a beneficial fast trick to put into a demo.

They’ve revealed just one single model thus far, with a display screen dimensions arriving at 55″.

Several men and women can connect to the display at a time – when you look at the on-stage demonstration, someone received with a stylus even though the various other erased with their hand.

Samsung didn’t announce the cost on-stage… that is unusual, given that according to this product web page tucked away on Samsung’s company site, it appears is a good little bit less expensive than your competitors at $2699. Google’s Jamboard begins at $5,000 (albeit with a bunch of cloud collaboration stuff that Samsung didn’t mention its own choices for) while Microsoft’s Surface Hub ranges from $8k to $21k. Seeing that all the individuals purchasing electronic whiteboards (read: offices) are probably purchasing several, that lower price point appears key.

Samsung states the Flip should begin shipping in america and Europe later this month.

Published at Mon, 08 Jan 2018 23:30:21 +0000