Microsoft’s Snip Insights puts A.I. technology into a screenshot-taking device

Microsoft’s Snip Insights leaves A.I. technology into a screenshot-taking tool

A team of Microsoft interns have actually thought up a new way to place A.I. technology be effective – in a screenshot snipping tool. Microsoft these days is establishing their particular project, Snip Insights, a Windows desktop computer application that allows you to retrieve intelligent ideas – if not change a scan of a textbook or report into an editable document – once you simply take a screenshot on your computer.

The group’s manager challenged the interns to imagine up a way to incorporate A.I. into a popular tool, used by hundreds of thousands.

They decided to decide to try a screenshotting device, such as the Windows Snipping Tool or Snip, a past task from Microsoft’s internal incubator, Microsoft Garage. The group moved aided by the latter, given that it would-be simpler to release as an independent app.

Their brand new tool leverages Cloud AI solutions to carry out even more with screenshots – like convert pictures to translated text, automatically identify and tag image content, plus.

For instance, you could screenshot an image of a great set of footwear you saw on a friend’s Facebook page, in addition to tool could search cyberspace to help you get a hold of where you can buy them. (This part of its functionality is similar to just what’s already supplied these days by Pinterest). 

The device may also simply take a scanned picture of a document, and turn a screenshot of this into editable text.

And it may identify famous people, locations or landmarks within the pictures you catch with a screenshot.

Although it’s a comparatively thin usage case for A.I., the Snip Insights tool is a fascinating example of just how A.I. technology is integrated into daily efficiency tools – additionally the possible that lies ahead as A.I. becomes part of also simple pieces of software.

The device has been released as Microsoft Garage task, but it’s open-sourced.

The Snip Insights GitHub repository will be preserved by the Cloud AI staff moving forward.

Posted at Wed, 09 might 2018 20:16:10 +0000