Microsoft employs classroom collaboration startup Chalkup founder to grow Microsoft Teams

Microsoft hires classroom collaboration startup Chalkup founder to expand Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is beefing up its Slack-like collaboration pc software, Microsoft groups, with the technology-know how therefore the president from collaboration pc software startup Chalkup. Following the hire, Microsoft says it will deliver a number of the functions Chalkup had developed to the Microsoft groups for knowledge item knowledge.

Chalkup was established in 2013 by CEO Justin Chando, who’s joining Microsoft due to this offer, and CTO Tim Costa, who left Chalkup in 2015.

The startup supplied a class collaboration system in which educators could share resources and assignments with students and might talk about program topics, on top of other things. The organization says educators and students from 1 in 3 universities and 1 in 5 high schools in U.S. had utilized Chalkup at some time.

But using the arrival of Microsoft groups for knowledge in March 2017, Chalkup encountered a serious competition – and another that comes bundled with Microsoft workplace 365 for knowledge – for free.

Since the two items compete in the same area – collaboration software for teachers and students, both Microsoft and Chalkup understood they could fare better to participate causes.

“In spending some time with all the amazing individuals at Microsoft, it had been clear we had been completely lined up within our objective to get in touch classrooms, sparking pupil collaboration, and finding brand new and revolutionary techniques to come together. We understood Microsoft could be a fantastic fit and we’re delighted for what tomorrow keeps for our clients,” said Chando, within the official announcement.

Continue, Chalkup states a few of its best-loved functions will be built-into Microsoft Teams. However, the businesses up to now only have revealed one which’s certainly making the transition: Chalkup’s criteria-based grading rubrics that let instructors give students feedback on their work.

Chalkup’s item isn’t straight away closing straight down, as that would be disruptive in the exact middle of the institution 12 months. Rather, the application will remain offered until June 30, 2018. It will also shortly include the ability for users to export their particular program information and proceed to Microsoft Teams.

Chalkup itself had not been a sizable company – one creator had left, and it also had only raised a tiny seed round, according to Crunchbase. But Chalkup remained online every one of these many years when you are extremely money efficient, together with built pc software that has been popular when you look at the class room, and also as an acquisition target. Actually, the company had multiple acquisition* offers, we understand. (Perhaps one was from Bing, given Chalkup’s integrations truth be told there?)

People described the exit to Microsoft as a good outcome, besides.

Microsoft has requested this will never be characterized as an acquisition – only a hiring. But we verified money exchanged fingers right here, so it’s some hair-splitting on Microsoft’s component.

“Justin built one of the primary training systems that students really enjoyed to utilize,” said Wayne Chang, who’d committed to the startup alongside Jeff Seibert. (Both had directly spent, however with respect to Baseline, in which they are LPs). “And Jeff and I couldn’t become more excited that Chalkup is joining Microsoft and bringing that approach to schools and classrooms everywhere.”

Today’s development employs soon after Microsoft groups’ larger item received its biggest revision up to now. Last month, Microsoft launched a slew of brand new features because of its Slack competitor, including brand-new app integrations, an app shop, improved search and discovery functions, and brand-new commands.

Teams’ use has-been steadily developing. Last September, Microsoft said that 125,000 businesses had followed the program, but didn’t talk to how many people this has. However, Slack had stated around the exact same time it had grown to 6 million day-to-day people, 9 million weekly people, along with passed away 50,000 paid teams earlier on around.

*Correction, 2/13/2018 1:30 PM ET: Microsoft claims it does not characterize this offer as a purchase; post updated to reflect this. 

“Microsoft’s goal is usually to provide the most extensive and time-saving items for educators and believe Justin are a tremendous asset to simply help Microsoft bring added value to Microsoft Teams,” a representative stated. 

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