Is Android Os Popsicle after that?

Is Android Popsicle next?

Barring any type of significant shakeup at Google’s cellular division, there’s two things we all know for certain concerning the after that Android’s name: it will begin with the letter “P” and it surely will be a dessert food. That currently narrows things down quite a bit — you’ve got pudding, pecan pie, peanut brittle…

After that, definitely, there’s Popsicle — a well known fact the company may be alluding to with its new Spring Wallpaper range. 9to5Google noted a colorful array of frozen confections in amongst the choices. Issued, it’s perhaps not thematically too much from the remaining portion of the outside, sunshine-themed offerings.

Google’s never ever shied far from these types of cheeky suggestions — plus it’s certainly teased united states before, including into the lead-up to Oreo. Though that may as quickly indicate it’s a little bit of a red herring — keep in mind Android Pocky?

It’s worth noting that Popsicle is, in reality, nonetheless a trademarked title — like Kleenex and Xerox and Frisbee. Of course, withn’t stopped Bing before. See these types of recent examples as Kit-Kat and Oreo. Although Popsicle-owner Unilever features flexed its muscles maintaining its ownership regarding the title, it is challenging imagine a better/cheaper promotion than stamping your name across the latest build of this world’s top mobile os.

There was, of course, the issue of the fact that the Popsicle name isn’t as globally similar to the ice pop music since it is here in the shows. You may possibly understand it, maybe, as an ice lolly, ice block or ice drop, based on in which you are already looking over this.

In any case, Google’s probably just delighted that we’re discussing it anyway.

Posted at Fri, 13 Apr 2018 17:56:00 +0000