In letter to Congress, Apple delivers strongest denial over ‘spy chip’ story

In letter to Congress, Apple delivers strongest denial over ‘spy chip’ story

Apple features doubled down on its repudiation of Bloomberg’s report last week that advertised its systems have been compromised by Chinese spies.

The blockbuster story cited above twelve sources claiming that China setup little potato chips on motherboards built by Supermicro, which providers over the U.S. tech business — including Amazon and Apple — purchased to power machines within their datacenters. Bloomberg’s report in addition advertised that processor chip can apparently compromise data on the host, permitting Asia to spy on a number of the world’s most powerful technology organizations.

Today, in a letter to Congress, Apple’s vice president of data security George Stathakopoulos delivered the company’s best denial to date.

“Apple hasn’t found harmful potato chips, ‘hardware manipulations’ or vulnerabilities intentionally planted in every server,” he said. “We never ever alerted the FBI to virtually any security issues like those explained within the article, nor has got the FBI ever contacted us about such a study.”

It follows a declaration by both the U.K. nationwide Cyber protection Center and U.S. Homeland Security saying which they had “no reason to question” statements by Apple, Amazon and Supermicro doubting the statements.

Stathakopoulos added that Apple “repeatedly asked all of them to share with you particular factual statements about the so-called malicious chips which they felt particular existed, these people were reluctant or struggling to supply any other thing more than obscure secondhand accounts.”

Apple’s declaration is far more powerful than its early in the day remarks. A crucial detail missing into the Bloomberg tale is its many resources, albeit private, offered the reporters with a primary hand account associated with the so-called spy chips.

Without having any research that the potato chips occur beyond eyewitness reports and resources, Bloomberg’s story stays on shaky reasons.

Posted at Mon, 08 Oct 2018 16:41:32 +0000