Google gets even more RCS messaging assistance from Samsung

Bing gets more RCS messaging support from Samsung

Google features guaranteed a little more purchase in from Samsung for a next generation texting standard it’s long been marketing.

The Android os OS maker’s wish for Rich correspondence Services (RCS), which upgrades what SMS could possibly offer to aid richer comms and content swapping, can provide its disconnected Android os ecosystem with an approach to provide comparably wealthy local messaging — a la Apple’s iMessage on iOS.

However it’s a significant, major task given just how many Android os devices are nowadays. And Bing requires the whole business to step along with it to guide RCS (not merely unit producers but companies too) if it’s gonna achieve any thing more than fiddling across the sides.

Zooming aside for a moment, the even bigger problem is the messaging ship features sailed, with massively preferred systems like WhatsApp and Telegram having already offloaded huge amounts of people to their respective walled gardens, pulling the biggest market of gravity far from SMS.

Not that that features stopped Bing trying, though, even while it was muddled in its method too — spreading its texting efforts around quite a bit (with false begins like Allo).

Google doubled upon RCS in April with regards to pulled resources from standalone Allo messaging app to focus on wanting to drum-up even more support for next-gen SMS as an alternative.

It has also were able to build a modicum of momentum behind RCS. At this 12 months’s Mobile World Congress it launched a lot more than 40 providers now backed RCS — up from ~27 the entire year before. The latest support figure place the company number at 55.

But, three years on from its acquisition of RCS expert Jibe Cellphone — and bold talk of building ‘the future of messaging’ — there’s small indication of that.

An additional wrinkle is providers also need to have definitely rolled down RCS support, not only stated they want to. Plus it’s not clear how many have actually.

Neither is it clear how many people of RCS there are at this time. (in 2016 carriers were just speaking about creating “a path” to at least one billion people — at any given time whenever SMS had a number of vast amounts of users, recommending they saw small possibility of generating anything near next-gen messaging ubiquity via the standard.)

The newest Google-backed RCS development, revealed via press release, is of an “expanded collaboration” between hill see and Samsung — saying their particular message customers will “work seamlessly with every organization’s RCS technology, including cloud and business messaging platforms”.

The pair have actually previously added RCS support to “select Samsung products” but they are now saying RCS functions is brought to some present Samsung smart phones — including (and starting with) the Galaxy S8 and S8+, along with the S8 Active, S9, S9+, Note8, Note9, and select A and J series working Android 9.0 or later on.

Which feels like a reasonable couple of products. But it’s additionally muddier than that — because again help continues to be at the mercy of provider and market access. So won’t be universal across even that subset of Samsung Android os devices.

Additionally they today state that (choose) brand-new Samsung Galaxy smart phones will natively help RCS messaging. But, once again, that’s only where providers support the standard.

“This ensures that customers and brands can enjoy richer chats with both Android Messages and Samsung emails users,” they add, after their particular string of caveats.

Inspite of the PR ending on an upbeat note — because of the two companies speaking about bringing an “enhanced messaging knowledge across the whole Android ecosystem” — there’s obviously zero possibility of that. A clear result of the wealthy ‘biodiversity’ associated with the Android ecosystem is paid down ubiquity for cross-device standardization plays such as this. 

Nevertheless, if Bing can cherry pick adequate flagship devices and markets buying directly into supporting RCS it might have figured that’s important texting size adequate to pile against Apple’s iMessage. So added buy in from Samsung — whose high-end devices ‘re normally contending with iPhones for customers’ cash — is unquestionably useful to its method.

Published at Wed, 12 Sep 2018 14:53:59 +0000