Equity podcast: Stocks swing after profits for Tesla, Apple, Spotify, breeze

Equity podcast: Stocks swing after profits for Tesla, Apple, Spotify, Snap

It was another big few days for earnings on “Equity,” TechCrunch’s podcast about investment capital as well as the tech business. But this week, it absolutely wasn’t all good news.

Spotify stumbled as a result of its first questionnaire since joining the stock market. Tesla shares were down after Elon Musk’s unusual earnings call. Snap struck a record low after failing to get grip with its redesign.

Apple, however, surprised Wall Street whenever iPhone sales didn’t disappoint. We in addition recapped the successful IPOs for DocuSign and Smartsheet.

Our unique guest this week was M.G. Siegler, basic companion at GV (formerly Google Ventures). In a previous life, he wrote for TechCrunch.

We also had TechCrunch editor Connie Loizos, who will be helping down because of the program given that I’m leaving. Yes, that’s correct, I’m unfortunately that it’s my last bout of “Equity.”

I’ve accepted a opportunity that I’m excited about (announcing it shortly), but i am going to miss the fun times we’ve had on the program.

Somehow we’ve was able to have over a million packages since introducing “Equity” in March of a year ago. Thank-you for tuning in!

And don’t stress, the show goes on. The rest of the “Equity” team keeps you informed.

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Posted at Fri, 04 May 2018 13:00:49 +0000