Entire ingredients sunsets rewards in front of Amazon Prime integration

Whole Ingredients sunsets rewards in front of Amazon Prime integration

In-store Echoes were clearly just the beginning of entire Foods’ Amazon integration. Since the huge web merchant owns your go-to chain for flax, kale and kombucha, it’s time for you truly move it into Prime.

This week, Whole Foods alerted buyers via a contact spotted by marketplace Watch so it’s gonna sunset both its incentive system and electronic discount coupons at the beginning of May. The organization teased what’s to come by guaranteeing, “We’re Developing anything great,” and an Amazon logo design. That “good,” however, wont including moving over benefits to the brand new system. 

Details of the future integration are still sparse at present, and we’ve achieved off to Amazon for more information. For the time being, but the site’s FAQ shows everyone, “Stay tuned for extra notices for Amazon Prime users.”

Prime has, naturally, become the great connective tissue in Amazoniverse recently. Exactly what started as a provide of free shipping features since grown to incorporate the business’s media choices, as well as other Bezos-owned organizations, including The Washington article. Prime will get you six free months of Donald Trump’s least preferred newspaper. Really, one of those, at the very least.

Tying Whole Foods’ incentives and discount coupons into Prime should prove an amazing little synergy for two events. Join free shipping to get a deal on bulk chia seeds. What’s to not like? 

Posted at Wed, 18 Apr 2018 18:23:57 +0000