BuzzFeed’s Matthew Henick takes content role at Facebook

BuzzFeed’s Matthew Henick takes material part at Facebook

Matthew Henick, previously the pinnacle of BuzzFeed Studios, is joining Facebook’s news partnerships team, where he’ll serve as head of material planning and method.

In a post on Facebook, Henick argued the myspace and facebook is “a storytelling platform at its core,” and it feels like he would like to assist Twitter make use of those storytelling possibilities:

Good tales draw the audience in, but great tales deepen the audience’s connection to each other. The ongoing future of storytelling is social. As news learns to wield the benefits of the electronic globe, a completely brand new video experience is rising on cellular, with a potential for social and interactivity that we’re just beginning to tap. It resists silos like “first” and “second displays.” I think everyone in the world should be able to touch this experience — whether or not they want to digest it, develop for it and sometimes even monetize it — in a singular, unified way. Twitter is in a fantastic place available that. It’s an obvious expansion for the company’s mission to carry society closer together.

Even at BuzzFeed, it feels like Henick’s part was to link electronic media with more conventional forms of storytelling — he led a group focused on turning BuzzFeed content into television series and feature-length movies. BuzzFeed announced earlier this current year that it was restructuring its activity group.

Twitter, meanwhile, established a brand new Check out section last year where people can check-out original shows.

Posted at Mon, 05 Mar 2018 22:03:44 +0000