Apple’s “Pencil” today works together with its iWork toolkit

Apple’s “Pencil” today works with its iWork toolkit

Apple is bringing its pencil towards public.

The pencil device will today work across Apple’s package of iWork resources — like the preferred Pages (document creation) Numbers (its spreadsheet software), and Keynote (for presentations) programs — on the affordable iPad that Apple very first delivered to marketplace this past year.

At an event these days in Chicago, Apple launched its newest iPad, in a quote to challenge the dominant player when you look at the knowledge technology — Google (a subsidiary of Alphabet).

In addition, the business said that Logitech is introducing a $49 pencil stylus labeled as the “crayon” which slashes the expense of the pencil hardware from the earlier, $99 price point.

Posted at Tue, 27 Mar 2018 15:43:54 +0000