Apple verifies HomePods can leave scars on lumber surfaces, updates assistance web page with notice

Apple confirms HomePods can leave scars on wood areas, revisions help page with notice

Yeah, so this is a bummer. Now that the HomePod is out in the wild, reports have begun trickling in from people moaning towards $349 wise speaker’s regrettable side effect on wood furniture. A quick day at Twitter reveals various sorts of HomePod-sized rings left on desks and table tops.

Apple has actually since confirmed the matter on its help web page, noting, “It just isn’t unusual for any presenter with a vibration-dampening silicone base to go out of moderate scars whenever placed on some wooden surfaces.”

The problem is apparently among chemistry. “The marks are brought on by natural oils diffusing between your silicone base and dining table surface, and can usually subside after several days if the presenter is taken away from the wood area.”

For just what it’s really worth, we performedn’t come across the problem within our own evaluation, and the issues be seemingly pretty scattershot. Nevertheless the undesirable discussion between wood and silicone is a known concern, as Apple handily explains. Actually, people have actually reported of similar problems with products like the Echo Dot.

Naturally, that is much more reason why this problem must have been dealt with ahead of the item to enter the market. If the markings don’t subside, the company proposes, “wiping the area carefully with a soft damp or dry fabric may get rid of the marks. If marks persist, clean the top because of the furniture manufacturer’s advised cleaning process.”

Beyond that, really, “if you’re concerned about this, we advice placing your HomePod on yet another surface.”

There’s also a good amount of useful great tips on different woodworking forums if you’re among those who’ve encounter the issue. Here’s a helpful page describing what you can do to counteract the destruction. In some instances, it would likely require a refinish.

And, no light hearted matter, making use of something as sort of large coaster or other bumper might not be an awful concept, either. At least until Apple issues some type of a fix here. In the event that concern does become widespread, maybe we’ll see something akin to the apple iphone 4 situation program that arrived in the wake of Antennagate.

Published at Wed, 14 Feb 2018 20:51:43 +0000